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Commercial Projects

Do you want me to work on your company’s project? Please contact me so that we can talk about the details!

Private Commissions

Looking for some custom artwork? Lucky you! I’m currently taking commissions. The price will depend on what you want and how detailed and time-consuming the work will be.

What do you get? A 300 dpi resolution of your image as jpg, png or psd. You may use your commissioned work for all non-commercial purposes on the internet and otherwise. This includes the permission to print it on a poster, t-shirt or mug etc. for personal use. However, you are not allowed to sell any of those items or use them for advertising purposes.

If you are interested, just contact me via e-mail.

  • I’ll accept as many requests as I can handle depending on the size of the jobs and possible deadlines.
  • Prices will usually be up to negotiation depending on the kind of job. There might be special offers occasionally.
  • Private commissions usually won’t involve a contract, bill or receipt unless asked for.
  • I won’t do speculative work ("Let’s see what you can do!"). You can see examples of my work in my portfolio.
  • I might refuse commissions based on either lack of time or if I feel I can’t do the job because of the subject matter.
  • For small private commissions I demand upfront payment. Larger payments can be split.
  • You can pay for private commissions via paypal or (primarily for German people) bank transfer.
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